Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I'm sorry to be so behind on updating about Sarah - but it's been a hard month for all of us.  Dr. Taub (Sarah's oncologist in New York) decided to stop the chemo treatment because of the harm it was doing to her body.  He said their goal now was just to make her as comfortable as possible and asked her what she would like to do.  She said she would like to go home.  On November 29th, she and Shaun flew to Utah and arrived safely to their Ogden home - much to everyone's relief.  She is happy to be home in her Christmasy house and to see her kids, friends and family and feels like a freed prisoner (not a fan of hospitals).  She is very, very sick but is handling it amazingly.  A lot better than most of us.  Shaun is her 24/7 caretaker and continues to be an incredible husband and nurse.  We are all so very very thankful for him.

Before I went to Utah, I took a last minute trip to New York.  My parents were already there and it was good to be able to spend time with Sarah.  I left feeling a new admiration for my sweet sister.  Like she always has - she is dealing with this terrible trial with grace and humor.  I think we were all in awe.

dad, the official foot rubber
mom and dad washing her hair
Can you believe her beautiful hair?
I spent one day back home (in memphis) and then packed for Utah and headed there and stayed about 3 weeks. 

Sarah with Luke

Sarah's fam  - Sarah, Rachel, Shaun & Jack

Sarah with parents and siblings
Oh and here are a few snapshots I took of the "Favorite Things" book I put together for Sarah.  Thank you everyone who sent stuff - I think she really likes it and looks through it when she feels up to it.  If you didn't write anything and still want to - there are empty pages in the back. It was so beautiful to read all the things people love about someone I love so much.  It ended up being about 40 pages - not sure how many people wrote stuff but a lot. Thanks again!  (sorry for the poor quality pics)

I don't know how to say on a blog post the things I feel - and even if I could I'm not sure it would be the place for that anyway.  I hope you will all understand my not sharing sensitive emotions and just simply updating all of you who love her so dearly.  Our family appreciates your thoughts and prayers and all you do and have done for Sarah.  


  1. we love you sarah! and all you songers too. thank you for the update, you are all in our prayers.

  2. Sarah will always be a beauty in body and spirit. She has a special light that is unique to her. She draws people in with it. I will never forget the times we had in YM's. She always could crack me up... like the time all the girls wrote "thank you's" to Bishop Chad. She wrote a lovely letter and then at the end said, "P.S. Call me!" We laughed so much. Just clever that one. I have listened to her singing more than a few times online, listening to each one. Lovely words, lovely voice. She loves wholeheartedly and just doesn't hold back.
    We pray for you to feel better and we love you!

  3. My heart aches for you all. I am glad she is home and can spend time with her family. I am so sorry that they could not do more. I hope you are all able to find the strength you need right now.

    Take Care,
    Michele Dollar

  4. I am so very sorry to hear about Sarah's recent passing. I will always remember and care for her. My heart goes out to her family, i know how much Sarah meant to you. Such a tragic and sad lost.

    -Amir A.H. Jackson

  5. Sarah, I cant thank you enough for all you have done for me the last year. during my journey at island view rtc. You are simply amazing, this hurts me so much...my heart goes out to shawn smith and all her family. We now have a beautiful angel, forever in our hearts and may her words and advice live on in us all..<3
    ~love kayla ridley

  6. sarah we love you!!!! you're all in our prayers!

  7. Hi there, my name is Jeff Devera sarah and i were good friends in utah...we lost track of each other and i am sooo sorry and hurt for your loss, i sooo sorry for losing track of a great person. I will continue to pray for all of you. To the Songers i miss you all and hope to see you one day. God Bless you.

  8. for you sarah...sleep my friend, till we meet again.

  9. You gave me some of the best moments of my life Sarah. We were very close in 2003. We lost touch when I left Utah, but I always thought about you. Last night you came to me in a beautiful dream. When I woke up, I googled your name to see if you still had the MySpace music page so I could hear you sing. That's when I found out you have passed away. My heart broke into a million pieces... I will always love you Sarah, you are truly such a special person. Thank you for visiting me in my dream last night to say goodbye.... I love you. Rest well. Aloha