Friday, December 28, 2012

To Sarah

Dear Sarah,

I miss you sis.

I thought of you when a friend told me about a man who died and went to Heaven.  When he came back he told a story about how an angel had given him permission to play a piano and he said, "I don't know if I should.  I'm really bad at it and I don't want to ruin Heaven."  And the angel laughed.  

I think that would be you.  I think you're saying hilarious things about ruining Heaven and making all the angels laugh.  I'll bet Heaven has been a lot funnier since you got there.  But when it comes to heavenly instruments, I'm sure you're not scared of playing them like that guy was.  While the rest of the angels are strumming their little harps I'll bet you pull out the electric guitar and show them how to really rock out. 

I'm pretty sure you're having a great time there, but I still miss you here.  Sometimes when I watch a hilarious scene in a sitcom or when I hear an amazing song on the radio I think about how much you would love it too. 

I miss our talks and our lunch dates.  Remember how you ordered the alfredo sauce at the Olive Garden and I ate it all and you had to order more because you didn't get any?  Sorry about that. 

I want to thank you for what you brought to this world in the short time you were here.  You lived life to the fullest and didn't waste any of your precious time.  You loved fiercely and wholeheartedly.  You laughed freely and brought so much humor and happiness to this world.  You were a loyal friend to so many people and a wonderful wife and stepmom.

Thank you for all the gifts you've left behind, the music and the memories.   

You are my hero in so many ways.  And I'm still trying to be like you.  I'm going to miss all the funny things you would say if you were here and all the adventures you would take me on.

I love you, Sarah.  I'm sorry you had to leave so soon.

Love, Jens


  1. Jenny - Thank you so much for posting this. I've wanted to call you all day and never got the chance. I needed to talk to a sister today and felt empty going to bed without talking to family. I was so happy to see you had written something! It means a lot to be able to read that... for me. I should remember that because it's hard to know what to share and what not to share. But I love, love, love being on the recipient end of something shared.
    I love the idea of Sarah making heaven funnier. Well said... all of it. I sort of wallowed all day. I bet it felt good to write something. I love you! And I love Sarah!

  2. she was the best :)

  3. i live far away from you,in Greece.Tonight i tried to google sth and this blog was the first to be suggested...i couldnt understand why,so i was curius to see what was it.i press enter and then i remembered..i had accidentally discovered this blog once,and tonight suddenly was suggested as my first option from the algorithms of google...why?i dont know,but i felt like i wanted to write to you...goodnight.